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Game Thread: Knicks at Raptors- 3-14-07


The Knicks are up in Toronto tonight for their first game in a few days. Since the dramatic win in Washington, they've definitively lost David Lee and had Isiah extended, so there are a few questions going into this one. Who's gonna step up and get the bulk of the minutes at the 4 spot? Is Isiah's extension gonna motivate the team? Are the Knicks gonna come out flat after a big win and a long rest?

The Knicks tend to start shittily in the game after a big win, and the absence of Lee, Crawford, and QRich won't help on the offense and on the boards. It'll be interesting to see how they play from the outset, and whether Isiah's extension affects his coaching at all.

Also, if my memory serves me, T.J. Ford and Mo Pete are both bonafide Knick-killers. At least Jalen Rose isn't on the Raps anymore.

By the way, Larry Johnson was born 38 years ago on this day in Tyler, Texas. I knew that off the top of my head. My mind pretty much resembles the 1996-1997 NBA Register.

Anyway, this is a game thread, so post any comments about the game, marshmallows, racquetball, quartz, and "Survivor" as the night goes on. More commentz=more winz, as you know. I'll be by the laptop during the game, and will hit you with some game notes later tonight. Go Knicks. Peace.