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Thursday Red Pandas


Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • The idea came up in the comments section a few days ago but, if you didn't see, I'm renaming the "Crumbs" section. Everyone's got a title for their off-day link dump, and I sort of turned to "crumbs" by default. Well, from now on, every link post will be accompanied by a badass mammal. Because that's how I roll.
  • Red Pandas are da bomb.
  • It's a big night for television. The NCAA tournament has begun, and it's TNT NBA Thursday (Scrubs too).
  • I'm in several pools, by the way, including the ones run by Bullets Forever and Hoops Addict. My style is to pick every bracket differently and not look at them until after the tourney. I spend so much energy and emotion on the Knicks that I do my best to avoid partisanship in other sports.
  • Some game notes from last night over at Stop Mike Lupica.
  • I saw the photoshopped picture in this Yay Sports post and spit Cherry Coke all over my laptop screen. No connection...I just hate Cherry Coke.
  • From Mutoni at the Fanhouse, Michael Jordan is considering he-who-must-not-be-named for the Bobcats' head coaching job. Three Predictions if the Dark Lord actually does become the Charlotte coach: 1. He starts calling Emeka Okafor "Emmy" or "Mekky" or something like that. 2. He makes Adam Morrison cry. 3. He benches Ray Felton in favor of Jeff McInnis.
  • Bullets Forever gives his take (and the video) on the new Gilbert Arenas commercial for adidas. I really like it. Random thought: wouldn't "The Operator" be a cool nickname for someone who wears the number 0?

That's all for today folks. Enjoy tonight's bevy of televised basketball. I'll have your Hornets TKO up late tonight or tomorrow. Peace.