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Saturday Honey Badgers

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody. Here's what's floating around the internet after last night's heartbreaker...

  • Stop Mike Lupica makes a great point (he made it in the comments here too): Because of all these injuries, and Isiah's reluctance to go to the bench, the starters are all getting crazy amounts of minutes. The inability to finish against Seattle, Toronto, and New Orleans might be attributed, in part, to guys being tired. I'd say Balkman is the one guy who could be getting a lot of those minutes. To the naked eye, anyway, Humpty brings nothing but energy and rebounding to the floor. He rarely tries to do too much.
  • Tyson Chandler said yesterday that he thinks Isiah is is just right for Eddy Curry.
  • The Father Knickerbocker recap.
  • Honey badgers are badass because they eat poisonous snakes and fuck up beehives.
  • This is a few days old, but P&T reader Barnesgasm imagines the Knicks picking up their passports to travel to Toronto. It includes Jerome James eating things, which is always funny. Hilarious read.
That's pretty much it for today. I'm ass tired from shoveling the snow outside, which is pretty much three inches of hardpack sandwiched between two sheets of ice. I'll be back tomorrow with your Toronto game thread and your Sunday lookalikes (I think I'm just gonna recycle the KTO, if that's alright). Peace.