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Refamiliarize Yourself With the Opponent: Toronto Raptors

Yeah. I'm lazy. Here's your recycled KTO from Wednesday.

Meet the Raptors!

#7 Andrea Bargnani- Andrea has bucked the trend of NBA stars with shoe deals to land a series of endorsements for Chef Boyardee.

#4 Chris Bosh- Chris suffers from a rare condition that has caused his "Adam's apple" to grow into an "Adam's mango".

#8 Jose Calderon- If Jose were an American, he would be a car salesman named Teddy.

#3 Juan Dixon- Juan insists on calling all of his white teammates "Steve Blake", because it makes him feel more at home.

#11 T.J. Ford- T.J. has petitioned the Raptors coaching staff to add a "nap time" and "coloring hour" to daily practices.

#15 Jorge Garbajosa- Jorge spends over an hour every morning grooming his beard to achieve that perfect balance of "rugged" and "suave".

#14 Joey Graham- Joey can out-benchpress the entire Toronto starting lineup put together.

#43 Kris Humphries- The Raptors locker room has been converted to solar power because Kris eats light bulbs.

#2 Darrick Martin- Darrick is actually an assistant coach, but insists on wearing a jersey like a baseball coach.

#12 Rasho Nesterovic- Rasho picked Slovenia to win it all in the Raptors' NCAA Tournament pool. No one has the heart to tell him that they're not in it.

#18 Anthony Parker- Anthony has had it up to here with people asking how "Timmy", "Eva", and "Booba" are.

#24 Morris Peterson- Morris prefers gift bags over traditional wrapping paper because bags can be reused.

#10 Uros Slokar- Like some other NBA players, Uros has come up with a nickname for himself. Unfortunately, Uros "The Much Sexy Man Who Shooting a Basketballs" Slokar hasn't really stuck.

#9 Pape Sow- After basketball, Pape plans to start his own brand of papecorn, Pape tarts, and lollipapes.

#1 P.J. Tucker- Several weeks ago, P.J. relieved himself in the showers and was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

Those are your Toronto Raptors. Game Thread tomorrow. Peace.