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Wednesday Bush Dogs

Yo. Here's what's floating around the internet the day after the Knicks done got ravaged...

  • Journal News with the infirmary report. Crawford might miss some of the playoffs. Marbury should be OK. Frye has a corneal abrasion, and had to wear protective goggles in practice. I hope to god he rocks them for a game or two.
  • Barnesgasm compares your Knicks to a litany of drugs over at Son of Dippin. Here's a little taste:
    LSD: Stephon Marbury. Steph is among the most potent of hallucinogenic drugs. He inspired The Beatles and Pink Floyd to write their best albums, and is generally sick. You can taste colors and shit. Sometimes, however, Steph will cause the user to feel he is being chased across a field of grass by gigantic murderous spiders, eating their limbs off with his long, spindly, hairy legs and ripping their organs out in front of his eyes and THE GRASS IS MADE OUT OF LAVA!
    How could you not go check that out?
  • This is a couple days old, but SML gives the big picture of Isiah's construction of the Knicks. Very interesting discussions going on over there.
  • Knickerblogger makes a trade for KG.
  • The bush dog may be the sweetest animal on the planet. It's half dog, half otter. We may have to make it the official P&T mascot.
  • Mark Cuban (who wore black Starburys at last night's game) had nice things to say about the Knicks. Also, Eddy Curry's is really bothering him and David Lee has gotten around to some shooting drills.
  • Cavericks vs. Mavaliers tonight on ESPN. 8:00. Be there.
That's it for today, kids. Backatcha tomorrow. Peace.