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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Blazers- 3-22-07

I'm really sorry, guys. I just got home and realized that the Blazers game is tonight, not tomorrow night. If I had known, I woulda done a KTO last night. My bad on that one. I'll make sure to get your Cavs KTO up tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, the Blazers are coming to town tonight. They're a sub-.500 team, but have a number of young, promising talents who could have a big game at any given moment. Guys like Roy, Aldridge, and Rodriguez all have the potential to bust out and you never know when Arvydas Sabonis might make a comeback, so Portland's a dangerous team. That said, the Blazers will be out without Zack Randolph, who's the most difficult matchup on the roster.

Just about every guy on the Knicks is nursing some sort of injury, (I heard Isiah has a sports hernia and one of the towel boys has rickets) but they must rise to the occasion. The opponents don't get any easier down the road, so home games against losing teams are must-wins.

For some great Blazers commentary on the game, head over to Blazer's Edge.

This is a game thread, so post any comments about the game, Blazer KTO ideas, Mike 'n' Ikes, motorcycles, and quicksand as the night goes on. I'll be back later to recap. Go Knicks. Peace.