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Game Thread: Knicks at Cavaliers- 3-23-07

Yo, kids. The Knicks are in Cleveland tonight to take on the Cavaliers. Coming off that despicable loss to Portland, the Knicks better come out pissed. If they don't have any sense of urgency and vigor, then there's no hope for this team.

Last time the Knicks and Cavs met, Quentin Richardson was key in shutting down LeBron James. Tonight, Isiah will probably throw some Jared Jeffries, a touch of Balkman, and maybe a pinch of Stepon Marbury in LeBron's direction. Hopefully they'll have the same success at keeping him on the perimeter. This is a winnable game, but might be a blowout loss if the effort isn't there, like the last two games.

I'm gonna be out of the house tonight, so the game thread is all yours. Post any comments about the game, Cleveland, Cheerios, paper maiché, and hopscotch as the night goes on. Go Knicks. They owe us a win tonight. Peace.