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Saturday Proboscis Monkeys

Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • The Knicks got completely assaulted last night in Cleveland. I only watched parts, but Eddy Curry was the Knicks' only offense. There was no flow and no defensive effort. All the deep faults in the Dallas and Portland games carried through into this one. Or at least that's what I saw. If you watched the whole thing (you brave soul), leave a comment.
  • The proboscis monkeys at the Bronx Zoo were one of the pillars of my childhood. Those monkeys were hilarious. We should have a P&T wildlife safari someday.
  • The more interesting news (props to DoctorK16 for being the first guy here to catch it) was that the Knicks signed Kentucky center Randolph Morris to a 2-year, $1.6 million deal (reportedly)yesterday, only days after his team got bounced from the NCAA tournament. I'm not a big college ball guy, so I hadn't seen much of him, but other trusty Knick fans, like our boy SML and Father Knickerbocker are on board. Remember that Isiah has always had a keen eye for young talent, and that this is essentially an early draft pick. My only question is, if Morris cracks the rotation and immediately puts up hall of fame numbers like, say, 50 and 20 a game, does he get Rookie of the Year consideration? These are the things I think about.
  • I swung over to A Sea of Blue, SB Nation's Kentucky Wildcats site, and asked them if I should be excited about Randolph Morris. The general response was that we should be excited to have such a promising talent, but somewhat wary of his history of poor character. The good thing is that he's not as raw as he was a year ago, has a set of offensive moves, and has proven that he has the strength to dominate when he's motivated. Check out what the Kentucky guys said in the comments of this post.
  • The Big Lead of the Fanhouse gives us some of Morris's stats against elite competition from this NCAA season. Pretty impressive stuff.
  • The guys at Golden State of Mind hosted 350 of their fans at the Warriors game last night, and got treated to an exciting victory. Check back there later to see their recap of the happenings. Someday, my children, when Posting and Toasting has thousands of readers, we will march our troops into the Garden and fill the place with P&T magic. Someday.