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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic- 3-26-07

Yo yo yo. The Knicks are back home tonight to take on the Orlando Magic. I'll be completely honest and tell you that I have no idea who's healthy or not these days. The ESPN preview says the Knicks have "no significant injuries". I guess when every single person on the team is injured, it makes each individual ailment seem insignificant? Either way, the usual three (Q, Lee, Jamal) are out, and both Eddy Curry and Steve Francis are suffering from sore backs or flu-like symptoms or sore flus or back-like symptoms or some shit like that. Basically, don't be surprised to see some bench guys out there, like the newly acquired Randolph Morris. Don't even be surprised if you see me check in and start manning the point guard. (I've got court vision, bitches!)

Basically, the Knicks are on my shit list for the time being. Even with the injuries, I don't think any of us have been too pleased with the effort and flow of this team. I'll watch the game, but I'm changing the channel as soon as shit starts to stink. I'm that disappointed with the Knicks. One good win, though, and I'm totally excited again. I'm that easy.

Anyway, this is a game thread, so post any comments about the game or any good movies that are on TV as the night goes on. I'll be back later with your recap. Go Knicks. Peace.

P.S. I just did a search for "magic". I've never seen that movie, I swear. I know nothing about the hijinks of two sorceress sisters trying to use their powers to find true love. Nothing at all.