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Tuesday Aardwolves

Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • Big news: I'm no longer the rookie of SBN Basketball. Jim at Green Bandwagon now has that honor. Head over there and check out his fantastic new Celtics site.
  • SML wanted a link, and a link he gets. Check that out to read his hilarious transcript from last night's loss.
  • Meet Randolph Morris. Son of Dippin has the inside scoop.
  • Found on TrueHoop (like most good things. I bet I'm gonna meet my wife on TrueHoop): Ben Wallace is gonna wear Starburys.
  • Knickerblogger's recap of last night's game. He makes a good point: Why didn't the LoveTub play in the second half? For once, Jerome was actually playing decently, but he sat the rest of the game after his third foul.
  • If you didn't see the end of the Nugs-Pistons game last night, it was fucking loco.
  • Good news for me: I thought my season at the Garden was over, because I don't have any games left in my share of season tickets, but an old friend of mine who has seasons of his own (and much better seats) invited me to the Cavs game tomorrow night. Book it.

That's all for today. I'll be back later with your recycled Cavs KTO. Peace.

UPDATE: Two more things. This post at Pounding the Rock made me laugh so hard I nearly threw up. James White quickly made me a warm cup of tea to soothe my stomach and tucked me into bed, all while saving a sperm whale from poachers. Other thing: Lee and Q might be shutting it down for the season. Given the way the team is unraveling, they might as well. I might go back on that statement. (Found on Father Knickerbocker). That is all.