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Knicks 97, Cavaliers 93

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

I told you! The Knicks got an unlikely but desperately needed victory against LeBron James and the Cavs tonight, 97 to 93. Some clutch plays and solid games from Curry, Marbury, and Frye gave the Knicks the rousing victory. I was in the house (in section 103, no less), and got to enjoy a win that I predicted and needed badly. I don't have any real game notes, but here's a few Assorted Somewhat Silly Randomly Arranged Postgame Emotions. (We still need to think of an acronym for that)...

  • Before I rip on Steve Francis, let me just say that he started the game with a few made jumpers and a nice dish or two. Now that that's out of the way, Steve managed to produce one possession that was a microcosm of his entire season. Late in the first quarter, Francis had the ball, dribbled a few seconds off the shot clock, and then took off towards the basket. Only he didn't go TO the basket. No. He went UNDER the basket, and made a full circle to return to his original position. When he reached his starting point, he slipped and sprained his ankle while the Cavs took the ball the other way to sink a three in a 5-on-4. For those of you keeping score at home that's about 15 seconds of mindless dribbling, one leg injury, one turnover, and one surrendered 3-pointer for Steve all in that instance. He did not return.
  • Randolph "The Angry Tromboner" Morris got his first minutes as a Knick! He He drew a few fouls and, like, touched some people, but didn't do anything major.
  • I love LeBron James. I love most NBA superstars. But as soon as LeBron comes to the Garden, with a number of people there only to see him, I hate him with all the spite in my heart. Anyway, LeBron was being a little bitch and falling down a lot, and some fans were getting very upset about it. My favorite moment of the game came when he ran into Jared Jeffries and took a hard fall to the floor. The entire crowd gasped and went silent as LeBron writhed in pain. Seizing the momentary quiet, my friend and I both simultaneously hollered "PISS ON HIM!" to the disgust of some people around us. Totally worth it.


    (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

  • Another great moment came when LeBron guarded Nate very closely in the first half. Fearless Nate took a step back, put a FILTHY crossover move on James, and then wet a rainbow jumper in his eye.
  • Let's rehash the final minute or so of the game. With the Knicks up 2, Marbury buries a riveting three-pointer. Coming the other way, the Cavs miss a three, but the rebound goes out to Ilgauskas, who dishes to Pavlovic, who makes the second-effort three-pointer. Dagger. 2 point game. The Cavs get the ball back and Z goes to the line. He makes the first. Between shots, I summon all of the energy in my body and focus it on his missing the second free throw. Ilgauskas bricks the second and the Knicks rebound. After a timeout, New York inbounds with 32 left in the game. The ball is passed around, and it reaches Frye, who finds himself bottled up in the corner. He unwisely dishes to Marbury, who has to hoist up a 3 as the shot clock expires. It goes in, then out, around every part of the rim, and then back in. Game. Between the Pavlovic 3 and that shitty last possession, this had all the makings of a heartbreak lost. But the powers that be let that ball roll into the hoop. And boy was it good.
  • Some individual performances...Curry was extremely solid. He had 25, including 11-14 shooting at the free throw line, and got all of the Cavalier big men in foul trouble. Marbury had a good 16 and 8, and Frye dropped 16 and 7. Don't forget little Nate, who couldn't find the range, but had 7 rebounds and 3 dimes to go with his 12 points. He's starting to find some composure and flow to his game.
That's all for tonight, folks. Thanks to everyone who commented on the game thread. Great win. Back tomorrow. Peace.