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Thursday Elephant Seals

Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • LeBron said some nice things about the Knicks last night, but also some backhanded things about the Starbury shoes. Henry Abbott at TrueHoop makes a good point that this shoe business has done quite a bit to help Steph's image. He does, however, refer to Marbury's season as "so so". I'm not sure about that. If you watch as many games as I do, you know that he's playing with a lot of pain every night (just look at his face coming off the court and on the bench) and has still taken up a role as a scorer, distributor, and leader. Steph deserves some credit for his play, not just for his charity. What do you guys think about that? Oh the way, Lebron? Scoreboard, motherfucker.
  • Barnesgasm at Son of Dippin weighs in with his "Knicks Are: Breakfast Cereals". It's goddamn hilarious. A little taste:
    All-Bran - Kelvin Cato. Bran cannot make a cereal on its own. Bran has one purpose: it is meant to be mixed with highly frosted raisins. Even then, Bran is the weak part of raisin bran. I bet raisin always get calls from bran, wanting to hang out and shit, and raisin gets so fucking tired of it that he has to make up excuses and shit not to hang out with bran, and then this one time, raisin said he was going to the movies with his girlfriend and he totally ran into bran on the street and he was kind of busted, and it got really awkward between them for a while, but bran kept calling anyway. Anyway, Cato is boring and mainly defensive, so is Bran.
    If you click one link today, click that one.
  • Some Knickerblogger notes from last night's game.
  • The Father Knickerbocker recap.
  • Former Knick, Michael Ray Richardson had some interesting things to say about a very relevant topic...the Jews? I wouldn't call him "anti-semitic". Just "batshit crazy". You know how famous sports quotes get turned into blog titles? Like "With Leather" or, well, Posting and Toasting? Well someone's gotta get a blog going called "Big-Time Jew Lawyers".
  • Russ Bengtson of SLAM's game notes from last night.
  • A motherfucking leg washed up on James Dolan's waterfront property. Maybe my Steve Francis dream came true!
  • P&T reader b schac put together something I've been too lazy to do myself...a detailed breakdown of the East playoff race down at the Knicks' end. Very well done and a worthwhile read. Check it out. Diaries rule. Thanks to Schac Diesel for the breakdown.
  • MJD at the Fanhouse has video of Marbury's game-clinching trey last night. And it's set to Biggie!
That's it for now, kids. I might put up some more later tonight. I'll have your recycled Mavs KTO up later. Peace.