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Saturday Tapirs

Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • So the Knicks lost a tight one in Dallas last night. I only caught parts, but Stephon Marbury was brilliant in dropping 43 points, and the Knicks as a team showed a pretty admirable effort. Marbury's last-second shot was blocked by Josh Howard, and the Knicks lost by 2.
  • SML has a great recap for those of you looking for more.
  • The Father Knickerbocker recap. By the way I've heard murmurs complaining that the "injury-riddled" aspect of the Knicks is over-emphasized. It isn't. The fact that the Knicks could score as much as they do, let alone win games, without their two best shooters and their best rebounder is fairly impressive. There are times that the Knicks have only one guy on the floor who can hit an open jump shot. Seriously.
  • Speaking of the Mavs, they maybe signing Kevin Willis. That's funny, because I swear I helped him carry his groceries across the street the other day...Just kidding. That man could probably tear me in half if he had the notion. Seriously, Kevin, I was kidding. Don't come to my house.
  • Henry Abbott asks (and provides linkage) "When did it become cool to hate Stephon Marbury?" I often wonder this myself. Steph is one of the rare guys who got a deservedly bad reputation, but made an effort to turn it around.
Anyway, those are your brief links for today. I'll have a recycled Hornets KTO and your game thread up later today. Peace.