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Friday Crumbs


Here's what's floating around the internet the day after the grand opening...

  • Kinda funny to be posting for real in a different location. It's like moving to a bigger, nicer house, but sort of missing the flaws and quirks of the old one. I'll get used to it.
  • From El Fanhouse, Charles Dolan made the list of billionaire NBA owners. He's at Number 7 with with a net worth of 2.3 billion crispy chicken sandwiches. I thought young James technically owned the team now? Anybody?
  • Holy Shit! I just realized I'm missing Stars on Stars right now! Time to go watch the last few minutes and do some improv live-blogging! (Heading to TV with laptop). I don't even have my live-blogging shoes on right now. Fuck. I can't believe I forgot. What the hell? He just started talking and they cut him off with a commercial. FSN is bullshit. Ok here we are. Steph looks very relaxed talking to Kobe about how good he (KB) is at defense, and going to the supermarket. I'm liking this show. It doesn't even seem like a typical talkshow. They're really just having a conversation and it sounds natural. Sweet-ass studio too. If anyone saw the whole thing, let us all know how it was.
  • Speaking of Steph, here's a video of how he used to get up back in the day from the Fanhouse.
  • As Father Knickerbocker points out, the Nets could fall into a tie with New York if they lose tonight in Houston, but the Knicks could still really use a win tomorrow night in D.C.
  • From the NY Post, (yesterday), it sounds like David Lee's ankle ain't feeling any better. Nate Robinson, meanwhile, is back at practice, albeit weighing ten pounds lighter.
Anyway, that's it for today. If you caught any of Stars on Stars, let us know how it was. I liked what I saw. I'm gonna try and find out if it's on again later. Your Wizards KTO will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning. Peace.