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Hornets 103, Knicks 94

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

The Knicks playoff hopes took a long step backwards last night as they lost to the Hornets in overtime. In typical fashion, New York mounted a comeback, capped by Nate Robinson's fadeaway three, but ran out of steam in OT to shit away the game. The Knicks' balance on offense has really started to bug me.

Remember those "See N Say" kids toys that had all the barnyard animals in a circle, and then a spinner in the middle, and you'd spin the spinner and it'd stop at, for instance, the cow and be all like "The Cow goes Moo"? Well that's what the Knicks' scoring is like, to me. (I wish I had photoshop right now). It seems like one player is selected randomly to have an offensive outburst, while everyone else stinks up the joint. Last night it was Eddy Curry who went "moo", as he put up a monstrous 34 points and 13 rebounds against the very able Tyson Chandler. Meanwhile, Stephon, Nate, and Frye all went cold, and Mardy Collins had the only other semblance of field goal success. On other nights, it's been Marbury dropping 43, or Frye unable to miss, or Nate getting hot from downtown while everybody else flounders. Isiah either needs to force-feed the hot hand, or acheive some sort of balance in the scoring. The See N Score offense just ain't working. (By the way, I leave it to Barnesgasm to figure out which Knick is which barnyard animal).

"The Stephon Marbury goes cold from the field!"

Anyway, as SML points out in detail, that may have been the final nail in the coffin. It's almost guaranteed, however, that the Knicks give us some kind of hope before they go on and miss the playoffs. Or maybe they'll make it somehow? See? I already have hope. The Knicks don't play again until Wednesday against Philly. I'll be back later with some Lookalikes. Happy April Fool's Day, everybody. (Check out this hilarious prank at Bullets Forever.) Back later, kids. Peace.