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Game Thread: Knicks at Bulls- 4-10-07

Booyakasha. The Knicks follow their loss at home by heading to Chi-town this evening to face the Bulls. The Knicks won by double digits the last time they played Chicago these teams met, and I sure hope they can play some spoiler tonight. Even with the playoffs virtually out of reach, this game has some meaning since the Bulls have our pick this year.

Also, Mike Sweetney is facing his former team. I'm pretty sure that's the only former team subplot tonight. Lemme think...yeah. That's definitely it.

Anyway, the kids at Blog-a-Bull are talking many shits about our Knicks, so be sure to post some comments making fun of Andre Barrett's inability to toilet train or something of that nature. They may rip our lack of success and troublesome squad, but we can always fire back by mocking their completely fictional shortcomings! Hi-ohhh!

This is a game thread, so post any comments about the game, hair nets, fish nets, dragnets, and internets as the night goes on. I'll be around to talk about the game and I'll put up some game ntoes later. Go Knicks. Peace.