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Wednesday Wombats

Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • There was a bit of bad blood following last night's game. The Bulls were certainly running up the score, but were apparently doing so because it was free Big Mac night. Big Mac night's not gonna look like such a great idea when a brawl breaks out- something that very nearly happened as the game ended.
  • SML has a very good post up in defense of Eddy Curry. There's been a lot of discussion about that trade, but I haven't really gotten into the argument because, well, I don't like to argue. To me, what it boils down to is, would I be happier with Tim Thomas, Mike Sweetney, Tyrus Thomas and some picks...or Eddy Curry and some lost cash (Davis>Rose>Cut)? I'd take Curry every time. As a fan, he makes me happier. Tyrus Thomas is annoying. So there.
  • My Site Meter is slow as balls right now and I just figured out why: I got my very first link from TrueHoop. Henry even gave us a PG-13 rating! Awesome! Anyway, that post gives links to some posts critical of the Knicks (like this one). Worth checking out.
  • Another post, from 3ManLift, playing the "shut up, you suck" schtick. As much as it pains me to read this kind of stuff, it's hard to argue. Bitching to the media after an embarassing loss probably isn't a wise move.
  • This bullet is to remind you that Steve Francis sucks.
  • Knickerblogger's recap of last night is depressing but humorous. Woody Allen-esque.
  • David Lee is going to get some more tests on that leg of his.
Anyway, that's it for today. Sorry that most of the Knicks news out there is embarassing or depressing. Either way, they're off tonight. So sit back, relax, and watch some baseball this evening. This season will be over before you know it and we can start looking forward to a healthy, fresh start next year. Back tomorrow. Peace.