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Know the Opponent: New Jersey Nets

Meet the Nets!

#8 Hassan Adams- Hassan is often seen talking to no one in particular during games because he has a Jiminy Cricket-like organism nested in his hair that critiques his every move.

#2 Josh Boone- Josh was so touched by "The Notebook" that he built a camouflaged lean-to in Rachel McAdams' backyard and began watching her from afar. Several years later, he still thinks the restraining order is bullshit.

#15 Vince Carter- Anytime Coach Lawrence Frank feels his team is giving a subpar effort, he praises Vince for his leadership.

#35 Jason Collins- At the age of 12, Jason and his twin, Jarron, spent a weekend filming their own version of "The Parent Trap." The brothers are still trying to find a studio to purchase their movie.

#50 Eddie House- Eddie has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to perfecting his jumper so he could shed his high school nickname of "Brick House."

#9 Mile Ilic- Mile keeps a towel over his head when he's on the bench to avoid getting a sunburn.

#24 Richard Jefferson- Richard is having trouble deciding between Puerto Rico and the Bahamas for his mid-season injury vacation next year.

#5 Jason Kidd- In the late 90's, the Phoenix Suns designed a bobblehead toy in the likeness of Jason. Before they gave the toys out as a promotion, they sent one over to him for approval. Jason loved it. He loved it so much, in fact, that he began feeding it, playing with it, and taking care of it. One magical evening the toy opened its eyes and took life. Delighted, Jason named his newly animated bobblehead "T.J." and raised it as his own.

#12 Nenad Krstic- Nenad saves his adjoining seat on the bus for teammate Mile Ilic, often turning Bostjan Nachbar away with a sneering, "Sorry. Serbians only."

#33 Mikki Moore- Domino's no longer delivers to Mikki's house because he has turned 4 of their deliverymen to stone.

#7 Bostjan Nachbar- After a game last month, "Boki" caused quite a stir when he escaped from his cage and ran around the crowded Nets locker room with Lawrence Frank chasing him screaming, "Careful! He hasn't had his shots!". 13 minutes and three tranquilizer darts later, everything was returned to normal.

#30 Clifford Robinson- Clifford entertains himself on the bench by eating a whole package of Chips Ahoy and watching reruns of "That 70's Show." His teammates are somewhat irritated by his constant laughter.

#1 Marcus Williams- After practices, Marcus can often be found knee-deep in the swamps of the Meadowlands searching for prey.

#21 Antoine Wright- Antoine used his first paycheck to design and order a "Guess Who?" set in which all the pictures are of his face. The board came out great, but the games never last more than a few seconds.

Those are your Nets. Game thread coming tomorrow.