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Nets 100, Knicks 86

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

So the Nets beat the Knicks last night, officially eliminating them from playoff contention. I watched most of the game in which the Knicks managed to not be completely embarassed, and actually led at halftime. Game notes:

  • There was a 3-man booth for last night's game, with Kenny Smith joining Clyde and Mike Breenonhand. Kenny kinda hogs the mic.
  • Curry played solidly- he had 20 and 7- and even took a few turnaround jumpers. And he hit most of them, too. Eddy could be very dangerous if he develops his face-the-basket game.
  • Kenny Smith, at one point, said that Mardy Collins isn't particulary fast, but uses "clever dribbles" to beat his opponents. "Clever dribbles" sounds like a phrase you'd hear in the company of "great length" and "tremendous upside."
  • Malik Rose, showing us that he's just as capable as other shorties like Spud Webb and Nate Robinson, threw down an open dunk in the second quarter.
  • Watching guys like Mardy Collins, Steve Francis, and Jerome James try desperately to find some sort of offense is eerily reminiscent of the Don Chaney days.
  • Jeffries picked up a flagrant foul for a swipe at Vince Carter in the second quarter. No word on whether Isiah told Vince not to go into the paint.

    I hope that's not a play call. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

  • Breenonhand referred to the 1 game separating the Knicks and elimination as their "tragic number." Don't know if I've heard that before.
  • When did Mardy Collins start hitting jumpers?
  • Ditto Mikki Moore?
  • Jeffries hogged the ball a little and tried a spinning move in the paint which didn't go down. Breen quipped "That's not really his game."
  • I'm not a big fan of the defensive 3-second violation, because it seems to reward offensive teams for broken possessions more often than not.
That's all I got. The Knicks are in Toronto tomorrow night for their third-to-last game of the year. I'll have your re-recycled Raps KTO up later. Peace.