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Nets 104, Knicks 95

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

In their penultimate struggle of this disappointing season, the Knicks lost another one to the New Jersey Nets. The Knicks limited their turnovers and shot decently from the field, but New Jersey took and held the lead with hot three-point shooting and trips to the line. Game notes:

  • The Garden, as they usually do, had a moment of silence for the Virginia Tech shootings, but MSG has an odd habit of cutting to commercial in the middle of moments of silence. I remember them doing that during the Dennis Johnson tribute as well.
  • Before tip-off, Steph extended a brief and totally unrehearsed thank-you to the crowd, who applauded appreciatively.
  • Curry went down with a strained hamstring in the second quarter, but he came out looking great- hitting turnaround jumpers and finishing at the basket to put up 8 points in his brief 15 minutes. He was also wearing a white headband...which is different.
  • Reason No. 218 Why Seth Can't Be an Announcer: Every time I see an ugly jump shot, I instinctively yell "Ew!"
  • For all his linguistic skills and rhyming abilities, Walt Frazier has no sense of time. At one point, Josh Boone hit the ground on a drive to the basket, and was shaken up for a few seconds while the Knicks botched a 5 on 4 at the other end. Clyde said that the Knicks should've completed the advantage possession because Boone was on the ground for "about 2 minutes." It was about 8 seconds. He didn't sound like he was joking, either.
  • Lawrence Frank needs, like, a pacifier or something.
  • You know how Channing Frye has that kinda peach-fuzzy half mustache? Well Josh Boone has that going on his whole damn face.
  • Reason No. 773 Why Seth Can't Be an Announcer: Gus Johnson: "The Nets are rolling right now. How do you break a rhythm like this?" Me: "Choke somebody."
  • Randolph Morris got his first NBA field goal and steal. Mardy Collins took his first jumper that didn't make the picture on my television go fuzzy.
  • Unrelated, but did you hear that Percy Miller (former Lil' Romeo), son of Master P, is gonna play ball at USC? Do you think opposing fans will sing "My Cinderella" to taunt him? (I looked that up, I swear. I don't actually know any of his songs. Seriously. Stop looking at me like that.)

    "I want my shawty to be like you/Sweet and sassy, someone to write to/ Yes it's quite true, I kinda like you/ You say we just friends, but not tonight boo."...Dude. I am officially USC's number one fan.

  • At halftime, Bobbito's "Hot Minute" lived up to its name, as it was with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Jessica White. I was very impressed with her, except for the part when she said the Knick player she'd most like to do a photo shoot with is Steve Francis, because he's "cute." Steve? Really? I'd say he's the least "cute" player on the entire roster. Shit, Renaldo Balkman's cuter.
  • Jamal Crawford entered for about 35 seconds, got an ovation, and sat down.
  • Speaking of White, she was sitting courtside with fellow model Kimora Lee, as well as Tyra Banks and Beyonce. If you listen to the MSG audio close enough, you can hear Gus Johnson react to a shot of Kimora Lee with "Yum. Daddy loves Asians."
  • I think someone needs to tell Steve Francis that he's not awarded points for degree of difficulty. Like, the layup is more likely to go in if you're, you know, facing the basket and shit.

    ...And an 8.5 from the Russian judges... (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

  • This picture's too big for me to put in this post, but says it all.
Anyway, that's it. The Knicks have one more game this season, on Wednesday in Charlotte. I'll be back on the morrow. Peace.