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Tuesday Baby Lemurs

(They're baby lemurs because I don't have much to say today.)

  • First of all, I urge you to scroll down and vote for your top 3 picks for Rookie of the Year, and continue to vote for the other awards in the upcoming days.
  • The new Carnival of the NBA is up, American Idol style, at Red's Army.
  • Over at Knickerblogger, David Crockett is considering heading to Charlotte for the Knicks' last game, and discussing Joey Crawford's suspension. (By the way, unless being a big, whiny poon is worthy of a technical, Crawford was completely in the wrong and deserves everything he got.)
  • The Hype guy dug up an unbelievably magical old Avia commercial with Clyde Drexler. It's in a language that I don't speak. And aren't Avia's like...running shoes for old people or something? Definitely go check that out.
  • Russ Bengtsons's rundown of last night's game.
That is all. I will have your Bobcats KTO (last one of the season? Maybe. Maybe not.) up shortly tomorrow. Go vote for R.O.Y. Peace.

Update: There was a brief discussion on this site about pizza in other places. Well, yesterday we got proof that the pizza in Boston is, indeed, shit. Kissing Suzy Kolber has the video.