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The SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards: Round 1- Rookie of the Year

What's up kids. As you may or may not know, P&T is part of a larger network, SB Nation, that hosts 12 very spiffy basketball blogs. Well, we in the NBA department have put together a nice little awards set-up so that, as an entire basketball community, we can pick winners for each major award. Bullets Forever has the full scoop.

Today, we bring you the Rookie of the Year vote. Each NBA blogger is responsible for getting votes from his own readers. If you'd like to vote, create an account on the top right (if you haven't already done so), and just leave a comment with your pick for the R.O.Y. All that we ask is that you don't go to another SB Nation site and vote again (or vote twice on this one).

Vote away, and don't be shy! (Be serious, by the way. As much as you love Oleksiy Pecherov...we want real results).

EDIT: Something I forgot. When you vote, please choose your top 3 selections. That goes for all of the 6 awards.