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Monday Mouse Lemurs

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • There's been an excess of small, cute animals recently. I know this. This guy was on Planet Earth last night. I promise you some massive man-killers in the future.
  • Leandro "Young Dro™" Barbosa won the Sixth Man of the Year award, proving that P&T readers (the few, the proud) know their shit.
  • Speaking of which, if you haven't voted for the Reader's Choice awards...fucking do it. Voting ends at midnight.
  • Knickerblogger has a statistical look at the Knicks' best and worst lineups.
  • Stop Mike Lupica gives his thoughts on all of the Game Ones (Games One?)
  • On that note, how about those Warriors and Nugs? Needless to say, those crazy kids have their fans pretty damn excited about early series leads. And me too. Although, as much as I love watching the Warriors win, I'm only in favor of their success if the Nugs are victorious as well. Basically, as long as the Spurs don't go far, I'm happy.
  • This is completely unrelated to anything. I've had a hypothesis for a while, and the other day I actually looked into it. Here's my theory: Anthony Hopkins stars in a preposterous number of movies whose posters are a huge picture of his face. Maybe this is the norm for movie stars and I just haven't realized it, but it seems like Sir Anthony's massive, globular dome has been in our faces for years. Proof by pictures:
Yeah. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

- MJD and Bethlehem Shoals at the Fanhouse discuss the Knicks future. To summarize: not good. I disagree with most of their points, either because I watch more Knick games or I'm a homer, but it's worth a read.

Anyway, that's it for today. My apologies if Anthony Hopkins' mug is haunting you in your sleep tonight. Really. Get those votes in. Backatcha later. Peace.