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Tuesday Panthers

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • Knickerblogger asks, "would you want Telfair on the Knicks?" Bassy on the Knicks? How bout you just piss in my ear? Why don't you just tear my heart out, nibble on it a little, and shove it back into my chest? If Sebastian Telfair ever has anything to do with the Knicks...I might eat a window.
  • Stop Mike Lupica has some comments on Frank Isola's grades of the Knicks. Definitely worth a read. (There's your Knicks material for today.)
  • Just so you know, the SB Nation Defensive Player of the Year winner will be announced right here on Thursday. Get psyched.
  • I'm watching the Nets-Raptors game 2 right now, and goddamn do I love playoff basketball. That is all.
  • Here's today's random realization: my favorite athlete/character in each of my three favorite sports plays in Washington. Gilbert Arenas, Clinton Portis, and Dmitri Young are all personal faves. I just bought a D. Young jersey online.
  • I really like Chuck Hayes. Chuck's no-nonsense. He hustles, rebounds, and plays with energy...without being a prick about it. Anyway, I decided last night that Hayes needed a nickname. My best effort? Chuck "Hazmat" Hayes. Why? Guys like T-Mac and Rafer Alston miss some ugly-ass shots, and Chuck's always there to clean up that toxic mess. And "The Custodian" was already taken. So...anyway..."Hazmat" Hayes. Make it stick.
  • Final thing: Starting either late this week or early next week, I'm gonna do a few posts reviewing the Knicks season. I'm gonna try and take a somewhat different approach to appraising the year that was, and take a look at next year. A close look at possible draft picks is coming in the more distant future as well.
That's all for today. This Nets-Raptors game is heating up, so I'm outie. Backatcha later. Peace.