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Tuesday Spider Monkeys

Here's what's floating around the internet today...

  • It's a slow-ass day in the land of the Knicks, so we're gonna take a look around the rest of the NBA. The only real Knicks story is that Isiah Thomas thinks Marbury should be getting more calls. Is he right? Probably. Does anyone care? Not a chance. Moving on.
  • The Hype Guy has a hilarious video of a dance contest at a Hawks game. I always wondered what it would be like if this happened.
  • I kinda dogged Ballhype yesterday, but I've gotten used to it. I customized my profile and it's pretty damn cool. If you guys would be interested, you could join up and I'd start a P&T group for all of us.
  • Hoopnation discusses the "50 besten NBA Spieler aller Zeiten", including this captivating thought:
    "Eine Frage stellt sich aber: Wird diese Liste erweitert? Ab wann kann man in diese Liste der besten NBA Spieler aller Zeiten gewaehlt werden? Wann wird die naechste Wahl stattfinden?"
    I've always wondered that myself. Anyway, they appear to be talking about the 50 Greatest Players, and have links to profiles of every single one, which is pretty neat. If your a German speaker, you might even tell us what all that stuff means.
  • Tony Parker is peddling Lamisil, and Pounding the Rock has the scoop.
  • Jim at Green Bandwagon came up with the Tommy Heinsohn Drinking Game. I think a Clyde drinking game could be just as good. Diary anybody?
  • Video of a Canadian kid who can dunk like, better than I can. (Found on TrueHoop).
That's it for today, kids. I'll have your Sixers KTO (a game! Finally!) up later tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning. Peace.