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Sixers 92, Knicks 90

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

That'll be all, folks. Despite the brief opportunity to move closer to a playoff spot, the Knicks shat away all of our dreams this evening at the Garden. And they did it in the most bizarre (read: typical) fashion ever. More on that later. Game notes:

  • Mardy Collins started the game. That made the lineup Marbury, Collins, Jeffries, Frye, and Curry. That's 2 guys who can hit an open jump shot. Speaking of which, why does it seem like Frye is hardly on the team anymore? Must be foul trouble.
  • The Sixers were wearing some alternate duds- red and blue with a white "Phila" on the chest. They kinda looked like the jerseys of the made-up franchises from old NBA Live games. Gross.
  • Clyde made an interesting point early on in the game. How come there are so many guys listed as 6'11''? It's a known fact that heights and weights are fudged on the official rosters, so why not just call it 7 feet even? What's the taboo against being a 7 footer? The 6'11'' listing seems to encompass a broad range of heights, also. There's no way that Jared Jeffries and Eddy Curry are the same height, but they're listed the same. Maybe I'll write an essay or a book exploring the conspiracy of the 6'11'' listing. Probably not, though.
  • The first half was an ugly one. The Knicks couldn't get anything going, and their best offense was actually missing shot. Humpty gobbled up every offensive rebound and put it back in. He finished with a monstrous 17 and 16.
  • Bello, the ringmaster of the Big Apple Circus was in attendance, sitting courtside. I wouldn't wanna be sitting behind that guy.

    "Haircut in front!"(MSG Photos)

  • David Lee was suited up, but got no minutes. As Barnesgasm pointed out, Lee had a fresh moustache straddling his upper lip. The collar on his warmup was also open, exposing some white chest skin. Give David some chest hair and a pair of aviator shades, and we might have a porn star on our hands. Any ideas for Lee's porn star name?
  • First and last names that both end in "y" really bug me. Like Rodney Carney. It just sounds dumb. If you have a name like that, don't take offense. Just call yourself Rod or something.
  • The Wave started up in the middle of the third quarter, for the second time this season. Mike Breen spoke about in hushed tones, as if it was some sort of war crime.
  • I've always held the belief that a real NBA star takes maybe 75% talent, and another 25% of utter douchebaggery. The real superstars are total pricks on the court. Well, the talent's still in the making, but Andre Iguodala already has the prick part down.

    Star in the making. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

  • The second half was a somewhat different story for the Knicks. Marbury, who was ice cold in the first half, got extremely hot. He dropped 20 points in the third quarter, including 18 consecutive at one point, and singlehandedly put the Knicks back in the game. They were even up by 9 at one point in the fourth.
  • Steve Francis (in street clothes) was standing in Isiah's old place in the tunnel. Does he think he's the GM now? If so, can he cut himself?
  • Mike Breen gave us the news that the New York Liberty traded Becky Hammon. That's it. I'm giving away my season tickets.
  • If Kyle Korver is Ashton Kutcher's deformed brother, then Louis Amundson is Kyle Korver's deformed brother.
  • OK, crunch time. The basketball gods did everything they could to toy with us in this one. The Knicks fell down by 7. Disappointment. A steal and a couple buckets made it 3. Hope. Andre Miller forced up and sank a ridiculous contested shot. Heartbreak. Steven Hunter GOALTENDED a three-pointer. Mild hope. Kyle Korver got fouled with a chance to make it a two-possession game. Disappointment. Korver (a 92% free throw shooter) missed both. Major hope. Marbury missed the potential game-winner and got shafted out of an obvious foul call. Heartbreak. Summary for you: Disappointment, hope, hearbreak, mild hope, disappointment, major hope, hearbreak- all in about a minute. I'm too old for this shit.

    Oh, my heart. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

  • About Marbury's last shot, it's funny that immediately after Isiah gets fined for bitching about Marbury's non-calls, the refs miss a blatant foul at the end of this game. Funny in kind of a sad way.
  • Some individual performances...Marbury finished with 30, 6 assists, and 7 rebounds...Curry had 14, 11, and 7 turnovers...The Knicks played SEVEN guys, and Channing Frye got the least amount of minutes with only 19. I don't know if I get that.
Anyway, that's about where our playoff dreams end. Leave it to the Knicks to dash our hopes in the most drawn-out, painful way possible. At least it's been a fun season. Back tomorrow, kids. Peace.