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Know the Opponent: Milwaukee Bucks

Meet the Bucks!

#42 Charlie Bell- Charlie recuperates from Buck losses by heading to Chuck E. Cheese's and routing little kids in Pop-a-Shot.

#6 Andrew Bogut- Andrew justifies his missed shots by asserting that in Australia the ball spins the opposite way around the rim.

#11 Earl Boykins- During the offseason, Earl grows a Fu Manchu moustache and sits in a bamboo shack smoking a pipe and playing chess against a trained monkey.

#50 Dan Gadzuric- The number of child psychiatrists in the Greater Milwaukee area has increased over the last 4 years because of widespread cases of Dan Gadzuric-related nightmares.

#3 Lynn Greer- During his years playing in Europe, Lynn refused to learn foreign cultures and languages, and walked around cities like Moscow asking for nachos.

#19 Ersan Ilyasova- Ersan is the son of a Turkish woman and an abominable snowman.

#52 Damir Markota- Damir learned to speak English from the "Wayne's World" movies, and says "Schwing!" every time he makes a basket.

#34 David Noel- David entertains his teammates with movie theme songs played on the clarinet.

#23 Ruben Patterson- Ruben has had several ad agencies call him about getting advertising space on his head.

#22 Michael Redd- Michael plays basketball lefty just to make things fair. He is actually a righty, and has never missed a shot with his good hand.

#55 Jared Reiner- Jared has been touted by scouts as a "poor man's Travis Knight."

#21 Bobby Simmons- Bobby is considering retiring from the NBA to make ceramic dolls for a living.

#54 Brian Skinner- Brian never speaks, and instead communicates through a complex series of grunts and whistles.

#31 Charlie Villanueva- Though Charlie usually dines on store-bought babies, he occasionally likes to hunt for a wild baby. He finds them to be juicier and more tender.

#25 Maurice Williams- Off the court, Maurice is president and chairman of the Christina Aguilera fan club.

Those are your Bucks. Game thread cominatcha later, kids. Peace.