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Game Thread: Knicks at Bucks- 4-7-07

First of all, the Knicks lost last night to Minnesota. I'm not really watching the game anymore, because it's just upsetting, but the big news was that the Knicks came back from a big deficit but couldn't pull out the victory (not really big news at all), and Stephon Marbury's foot started acting up again. Also, Eddy Curry had 9 turnovers, which is quite a feat.

With Marbury out (hopefully), today should begin the "fuck it" segment of this season. I don't wanna see anyone else get injured, so I wouldn't mind if David Lee and Eddy Curry sat for most of the game. A starting lineup of Robinson, Collins, Balkman, Jeffries, and Jerome James, with Kelvin Cato and Randolph Morris coming off the bench should be the rotation from here on out. That's not gonna be the case, but if anyone gets hurt I'm gonna bite somebody.

Anyway, it's the Bucks tonight. The Bucks are possibly the most lifeless, nondescript team in the NBA but, for some reason, Charlie Bell is like my favorite player in the league. I have no idea why. He just is. I want him on the Knicks. Actually, I don't think he'd be a bad fit here. We could use a guy who can hit threes and play good on-the-ball defense. But what number would he wear? David Lee already wears 42. He could switch it around and go 24. People do that all the time. Shit, I'm rambling.

This is a game thread, so post any comments about the game, jelly beans, lima beans, Mexican jumping beans, and Beanie Babies as the night goes on. I'll be back later. Go Knicks. Peace.