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Friday Pangolins

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • SML has what may very well be the Mona Lisa of NBA-themed adaptations of Redman's "Whateva Man." And I have seen some good ones in my day. A taste:
[Vince Carter] You the one son.
ball shogun, yes I the one
Yo, I'm rolling with a dozen pack of scrubs
Any other team they would be the subs.
So dead-eyed I see people waving in the paint,
I make the hot passes that you ain't,
Bomb VC with rough fouls so call me
The King, the should-be MVP,
Your team better work on their defense,
Cause I leave your squad overworked, incensed.
  • This post on the free agent market at Son of Dippin nearly made me poo myself. And I have strong bowels. I regret saying that. Another taste:
John Jay, Point Guard, United States Supreme Court
Jay, a hometown boy, was the US's first Supreme Court Chief Justice and served as Governor of New York from 1795-1801. Jay's quick hands, leadership abilities, and quick decision making will make him a fixture off the bench in our backcourt. Jay, a good negotiator and signer of the Jay Treaty with England, will quickly make friends with his teammates, especially considering that he passed early emancipatory legislation in the State of New York. Good floor general, will distribute first. Died in 1827.
  • This is a few days old, but the discussion gives you a couple of angles on a potential Jermaine O'Neal trade. (Which, by the way, isn't supposed to happen.)
  • Yes, pangolins are mammals. And they scare the shit outta me.
  • The Hype Guy is on the Jazz Bandwagon, and it's hard to blame him. They're a likeable team and fun to watch. I'm still pulling for the Dubs...and I'm not the only one

Alright, kids. That's it for today. Get psyched for what should be a hell of a game this evening. I will be back this weekend, and later with the next of the Exit Interviews. Peace.