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The 1994 Slam Dunk Contest

I'm putting this up for two reasons.

  1. It includes Shawn Kemp (possibly my favorite player of all time) doing his behind-the-back toss to himself and Isiah Rider (vastly underrated) throwing down his famous "East Bay Funk Dunk."
  2. The big reason: I did NOT remember Allan Houston (a Piston at the time) being part of this contest. He's third up in the video, and puts down a few nice-looking dunks, only to completely humiliate himself with his last one. Have a look:
That's Robert Pack, James Robinson, and Antonio Davis throwing it down as well. Before I saw this video, I would've said Allan Houston is the last person who should ever be in a dunk contest. After seeing it, I'd say the same thing. Hope you enjoyed it. Peace.