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Tuesday Ocelots

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • First off, I've gotta mention the SB Nation Sports Report, which airs tonight at 9. It's hosted by BigBlueShoe and TheSportsGuru from our NFL wing, and they'll go over everything from the Warriors to last night's playoff action to baseball to NASCAR. If you click that link down a little on the right, you can listen live at 9 and participate in a live chat. I'll be there. It's actually pretty cool.
  • In light of Bryan Colangelo winning his second Suit of the Year award, Josh at The Feed takes a look at some of the worst owners in sports history. James Dolan is ranked at number five. A taste:
    "He's a miserable manager, rewarding ineptitude time and again while berating and mistreating his underlings and, like everyone on this list, is making himself richer and richer while putting inferior product on the court and on the ice."
    If I were Josh, I'd lay low for a little while. Big Jim has eyes everywhere.
  • FUCK. I just read this. If Amare and Diaw's suspensions fuck up that series, I might eat a lamp.
  • By the way, among the other reasons that that rule is realize that Raja Bell gets zero games for actually making physical contact with Robert Horry, while Stoudemire and Diaw each got a game for taking a step or two in his direction? Explain that to me.
  • Two good posts up at Knickerblogger. This one mentions the parallels between the aforementioned suspensions and the famous Knicks-Heat brawl (which was actually a fight). The second is a fantastic look at the Warriors' style from a nerd's gamesman's point of view.
  • SML argues with himself over the notion of Jermaine O'Neal in orange and blue. (What number would he wear? That's all I really care about.)
  • I love iTunes because it asks me "a new version is available. Would you like to download it?" and I can be all like "No. Don't ask me again. Go make me a sandwich." Well, not the last part. But they should add a sandwich button. I guess at some point I should go download the new version. Not just yet.
  • These Canadians try to assess the Knicks' situation. Does anyone know what a "Centre" is?
That's all for today, kids. Check out the SBNSR tonight at 9. Click on the box down on the right to listen/participate. Peace.

EDIT: I was just thinking...don't discount the fact that the Spurs are missing Horry for two games. That's actually pretty significant. Just saying...