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Marbury on Oprah: THE LIVEBLOG (with special guest Sarah Jessica Parker)

I want to see Steph on Oprah, so I guess I just have to sit through the whole hour until he comes on. I miss Knicks basketball. COMMENCE LIVEBLOG!

  • The theme of this show appears to be "nice things for cheap." First up is Sarah Jessica Parker, who has a new line of sub-$20 clothing. Maybe Ben Wallace will endorse her products too?
  • Steve & Barry's apparently did SJP's line of clothing also. I was kinda hoping it was called "Starker" but it's not.
  • I've kinda got a thing for Sarah Jessica Parker. Remember "Honeymoon in Vegas"?
  • It just hit me that I'm live-blogging "Oprah" right now. Oh, how I wish the Knicks were still playing basketball.
  • Bunch of models showing off SJP's clothing line right now. No word on whether the red high-heeled espadrilles cause turf toe.
  • I haven't had an English muffin in so long.
  • This designer lady is selling nice furniture for cheap. Awesome. I'm listening to The Basketball Jones right now.
  • I originally thought they said that violent mothers were prowling the streets in this Eyewitness News commercial, but I've just realized they were saying violent muggers. That's less funny.
  • Marbury time after this quick break! They cut to commercials with footage of his game-winner against Utah. Nice.
  • Huge applause from the crowd for Marbury.
  • This may sound odd, but Steph's skin looks a lot darker than usual.
  • A fourth grade class in Brooklyn wrote Marbury letters so he shows up to their class and gives out some books, Steve & Barry's gift certificates, and Knicks tickets.
  • Scratch that, Steph's giving the whole SCHOOL gift certificates and bringing all of them to a game.
  • Since I heard about it, I've always feared that these shoes would be found to cause toe herpes or something. Just because Marbury's reputation has always been so shitty that he can never catch a break.
  • And it's over. Like a lot of people, I've gained quite a bit of respect for Marbury from hearing about things like this and watching his rugged play over the last season. Keep truckin', Steph.
That's all for now. My heart is over-warmed. Peace.