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Sunday Playoff Thread/ Spurs Hatred

This is the Posting and Toasting open thread for today's game:

Jazz @ Spurs- 3:30 EST- ABC

A few thoughts:

How about the coaching in this series? These guys both belong to the "look as miserable as you can" school of coaching. Sloan and Popovich are without question the league leaders in Frowns Per Game (FPG).

Not only do I want the Spurs to lose this series, I want them to lose it in the most heartbreaking, humiliating, and emasculating way possible. Here are my best possible scenarios:

  •  In game 7 of a tight series, the Spurs have the ball (on their home court) with a couple seconds left and down one. Tim Duncan gets the all inside and turns around to attempt the game-winner. A defending Carlos Boozer quickly picks up Tony Parker by the ankles, swings his body up high, and uses Tony's face to block Duncan's shot. Offensive goaltending is called. Jazz Win.
  • Same circumstance, except Duncan slips and falls on the tears of Manu Ginobili. Traveling violation. Jazz Win.
  • Same circumstance, except Tony Parker is driving to the basket for the game-winner, and Deron Williams swoops in and swallows him whole.
  • Rafael Araujo replaces Carlos Boozer (who was ejected for gouging out Manu Ginobili's eyeballs) in Game 7 and drops 20 points and 20 rebounds in the fourth quarter.
  • Robert Horry attempts the potential game-winner in Game 7, only to have Andrei Kirilenko laser the ball out of the sky with his eyes. That's not goaltending. Jazz win.
  • Derek Fisher recreates his famous game-winner against San Antonio from his Laker days. Only he does it blindfolded and shoeless.
Yeah. Anyway, I'm sort of rooting for the Jazz. If you have any thoughts on the game, or ways you'd like to see the Spurs suffer, post it in the comments. Peace.