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Monday Ethiopian Wolves

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

I've got just a couple things for you to look at this Monday, but they're all quality bits.

  • Stop Mike Lupica had the idea for all of us Knicks bloggers to do posts with our favorite personal Knick moments. SML has his own post up, and it'll be my turn to post in a couple days. Hopefully some of the other guys we emailed will want to join in as well. I'm gonna ask for some of your personal moments when the time comes, so get to reminiscing.
  • The work of Bill Simmons is a very divisive topic amongst sports fans, so the recent production of his new podcast has generated a lot of opinions. I happen to enjoy Simmons' work (I tend to care very little about whether a writer is right or wrong, as long as he/she makes me think. I like Charles Barkley for the same reason), and highly reccommend today's podcast with Paul Shirley. Shirley, as you may remember, did a bit of blogging when he was riding the pine with the Phoenix Suns, and just released a new book called Can I Keep My Jersey?. He's very entertaining and tells some interesting stories.
  • On the same topic, I was thinking about how deprived we as Knicks fans are of our team's personality. Fans of teams like the Suns (Shirley and Seven Seconds or Less) and the Wizards (Dan Steinberg) get ample opportunity to get some behind-the-scenes looks at their favorite players. We, meanwhile, watch the most constantly-monitored team in the league, and never get to know about their eccentricities, odd habits, or personal lives in any fun detail. There just isn't a guy who goes after that stuff. I'd love to be the Dan Steinberg of the Knicks someday. (If there already is a Dan Steinberg of the Knicks that I don't know of, please tell me...Although I can't imagine James Dolan allowing that to happen.)
  • Jason Gurney of Ballhype and Lowpost fame lost a tough bet on the Utah-Golden State series with his Jazz fan brother. Golden State of Mind has the video, plus all the relevant links.
  • I'd like to close by reminding LeBron James of some powerful words his "wise" self once said:
Playa haters.
If you cross me,
You'll die.

-Wise LeBron
Time to step it up, young fella.

That's all for today, folks. Go Cavs. Peace.