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Random Fun

Just a random little thing I noticed:

If you use as much as I do, you'll know that there's something on the site that automatically tags certain things in blog posts. If Lowpost sees the name of a player or team in a post, it is tagged and organized under that team or player's category. Something I enjoy is that this doesn't always work beautifully. For instance, if you say "wolves" in your post for one reason or another, Lowpost will think the post has something to do with the Minnesota basketball team.

Anyway, if you check out the "Most Popular Players" of the last two days, you'll see Robert Conley on the list. Obviously, the blogosphere isn't buzzing about some 6'6'' swingman whose greatest accomplishment is being waived by the Raptors before he ever played a game. Everyone's talking about Mike Conley Jr, the probable lottery pick in this year's draft.

The talk of the blogosphere.

That probably didn't deserve it's own post but I find this kind of shit funny.

(I still love Lowpost by the way, despite its quirks. And Ballhype too. And pretty much anything Jason Gurney does. If Jason Gurney made a videogame, I'd play it. If he made popsicles, I'd eat them.)