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Two Links

What's up kids. It's hot as balls right now and I need to go find somewhere that's better air-conditioned than my home. Anyway, I have two very good links for you today:

  • From TrueHoop: A Times article (only for the select) suggests that the league should make an exception and relieve the Knicks of their salary cap debts, in part to swing the power back to the basketball Mecca that is New York. First of all, Henry gives evidence that the Knicks are not actually all that successful of a team throughout history. Second of all, even if this article is tongue-in-cheek humor or meant for shock value, I hope people don't perceive that this is the feeling of all Knicks fans. We're already hated enough.
  • On a funnier note, Bethlehem Shoals at the Fanhouse uncovered this fantastic video of Channing Frye and some unpleasant cuisine. Chan seems like a very likeable guy and it's a hilarious scenario. It's these kinds of things that I wish we could get more of from the Knicks.
That's all for now. I'm gonna hang out in the freezer. Peace.