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Vince Carter and Micheal Ray Richardson

Two news stories in the Knicks world today:

- As I mentioned yesterday, the Knicks may be pursuing Vince Carter. Not only that...Isiah was going after him before this year's trade deadline. That makes me feel violated. Vince Carter!? Carter seems like just about the last guy in the NBA the Knicks need. He's whiny, expensive, a streaky shooter and a ballhog, and plays no defense. Not to mention he's been playing with Jason Kidd for a couple years, so he looks better than he really is. How he is desirable at all is beyond me.

Getting VC would also totally contradict my belief that the Knicks should grow through young talent and the draft. I haaaate the idea of accepting other teams' over-the-hill stars when they've gotten sick of them. The Knicks must not become a graveyard for stars past their prime.

- Second, the Knicks have hired Micheal Ray Richardson for a community-relations position after he was fired by a CBA team for perceived anti-semitic comments. Whatever. I still give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but I wouldn't recommend letting Richardson "community relate" at the JCC. Might cause trouble.

That's it for now, kids. Let us know your feelings on these two potentially controversial topics. And enjoy the holiday weekend. Peace.