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"The One Player the Knicks Need"

I just came across this article by Ken Berger of Newsday on the "one player" Isiah Thomas needs this offseason. Berger makes a very strong case for chasing Kevin Garnett (and actually throws Jermaine O'Neal's name around). Berger:

Kevin Garnett would give the Knicks everything they are lacking -- a proven scorer and ferocious defender at the power forward position to complement Eddy Curry. Though Curry exceeded all reasonable expectations this season with the team on his shoulders, this wouldn't have to be his team to carry if he were sharing the low block with someone as gifted and dynamic as Garnett.
Berger goes on to say that the T-Wolves still insist they are not trading Garnett, but that it remains a possibility nonetheless. He also proposes a package of Frye, Crawford, Jeffries, Rose, the 23rd pick, and maybe even David Lee for the high-priced KG.

I don't know how I feel about all this. I've long been in the anti-Garnett camp, but Berger does make a good point about the role he could have on this team. The amount that we'd have to give up for him still kind of bothers me, though. And as you know, Isiah's expensive deals over the last few years have scared me into believing that it's best to improve through the draft. It almost seems like we should be the ones dumping a big-salary player for young'uns and draft picks. Also, this team finally achieved some kind of friendliness and cameraderie after years of in-fighting. Why fuck with that?

In summary, I believe this team is rebuilding. Garnett is a hell of a player, may be exactly what we need, but only has so much time left in the league. He could easily turn a run-of-the-mill playoff team into a contender, but I don't know that he could do that for the struggling Knicks. In my opinion, New York benefitted from an offseason of little personnel change, and would benefit again this summer.

I'm interested what you guys think, though.

  • Is Garnett worth chasing? If so, how much should we give up?
  • How much can he really help this team?
  • What about Jermaine O'Neal?
  • Will anyone take Steve Francis?
  • If not Garnett or O'Neal, then who do you think is the "one player" the Knicks need?

State your case in the comments.