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Jermaine O'Neal

Well, we already discussed Kevin Garnett a little, so why not mention the other guy the Knicks might be chasing? Father Knickerbocker found an article that claims that Jermaine "Fivehead" O'Neal may have requested to be traded to the Knicks.

I've made my case against trading for star big men, and happen to believe that J.O. is vastly overrated, but some of the trade scenarios suggested are interesting. Check out that post and give us your thoughts.

UPDATE: More on this from Mutoni at the Fanhouse: "While it's true that O'neal can opt-out of his Pacer contract after the '08-'09 season, it's important to keep in mind that this report comes from Sam Smith, a man (much like Peter Vescey) notorious for throwing these kinds of rumors into the paper seemingly for his own amusement."