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Tuesday Markhors

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • In today's must-read, SML asks "Are the Knicks really different from the Warriors?" My answer? (And a commenter on SML says this a more dickish way). Not as long as Eddy Curry is the focal point of the offense. Great post, though.
  • MSG of the 90's ranks up there with the Fanhouse's top five NBA crowds of all time.
  • David Blaine is kind of a tool, but I'm a total sucker for some magic, and his NBA playoffs commercials are pretty sweet (can't find them online, sorry). I've only seen the LeBron spot and the Ben Gordon one. Are there any others? Is there a way we could get someone who doesn't sound like he's anaesthetized to narrate them?
  • If you let your eyes wander over to the right sidebar, you'll see that David Lee is currently mopping up in the Knick of the Year contest. If you haven't voted yet, do so before I take down the poll. OR ELSE.
  • Eddie Johnson currently has a blog at HoopsHype, and he suggests that Kurt Thomas should be getting more minutes against Tim Duncan and the Spurs. I mention this because Kurt Thomas is a former Knick who I kinda forgot existed, and because EJ actually has a decent point. He does go on to say that "Phoenix will win this series in six games if Thomas is allowed to be a factor", which is a shade short of shit, but the rest of the post is worth a read.
  • Markhors are the man.
  • The NBA All-Rookie teams are bullshit. Not enough love for Humpty and zero love for MC Lyte. Poppycock. What the hell is a Tarence Kinsey?
  • Tonight's games: zzzzCleveland vs. New Jerseyzzzzzzz followed by Suns-Spurs. Nash drops 40. Or 20 assists. One or the other. Or both. Book it.
That's all for today, kids. Enjoy the playoff action. Peace.