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Monday Yaks

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • Knickerblogger grades the season of Mardy "MC Lyte" Collins. (Thought: What about "Young MC"? We could say "bust a move!" every time he scores...)
  • Discovered by a reader of TrueHoop: Over one sixth of the 1996 draft class (12/58 by my count) played for the Knicks at some point. Look for New York to sign Martin Muursepp or Priest Lauderdale this offseason.
  • If you haven't seen the brand new SB*Nation lobby, it's pretty damn cool. They've made it really easy to navigate to all the blogs and all the freshest stories from one place. Really helps to bring this very large network together.
  • I mentioned in my Daequan Cook post that I hadn't yet gotten a reply from Sean from Around the Oval. Well, Sean did get back to me, and here's some of what he had to say:
    "The team that drafts Cook shouldn't expect an immediate contribution, I don't think. He's got all-star potential, but he's not NBA-ready just yet. If he ends up on a team that plays up-tempo and can affort to wait a year or two for him to develop, he could make a big contribution. When his shot's falling, he's a dangerous scorer. The problem is that when his shot's not falling, he's a danger to your blood pressure, because he'll shoot anyway. I think that, at least short term, he needs the right situation to be successful, but if he's on the right team, he could end up being very good."
    Pretty much goes along with our suppositions from Saturday. The guy just doesn't sound like somebody we need.
  • Daily Basketball's Knicks Draft Preview (EDIT: written by SML) touches on most of the names mentioned in Knick mocks.
  • Apparently there is some talk of Isiah leaving for the Pistons, which just goes to show that rumors can be created out of thin air. (Like cheeseburgers...I wish).
  • Found on Ben Maller's rumor page: The Knicks' firing of Phil Ford might have been making way for Patrick Ewing. I'd like to have Patrick back in NY.
That's all for today, kids. Your next Know the Prospect should be up no later than tomorrow afternoon. Peace.