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War Room Update

The 2007 SB Nation NBA Basketball Mock Draft of Basketball Players to the NBA of 2007 is underway and rolling. The first three picks are already up at Indy Cornrows. (It isn't up yet, but Mike Conley went fourth to the Grizz.)

Anyway, this mock draft is far more serious than I anticipated, and the Knicks' pick is a hot commodity. Some assorted things:

  • The poll in the sidebar (which will be there right up to draft time) indicates that P&T nation (all 12 of us...except really 11 since I voted twice. Shhh.) like Chong Williams for the 23rd pick in the draft. I think Williams is a good fit, but if we're gonna draft him, I think we also need to go after a shooter. Any trade ideas?
  • I got one trade offer from Prada at Bullets Forever, who's desperately trying to get Brenda Haywood and/or Etan Thomas and/or Antonio Daniels off the Wizards' hands. I don't know that any one of those guys would fit here, so I kindly rejected. If you have reason to feel differently about that offer, or have any other ideas for offers (we need a shooter!), let me know. I wasn't planning any wheeling and dealing myself, but I'm open to suggestions. This shit is for real.
  • I didn't actually "reject" the Wizards deal. I offered Steve Francis in return. I bet that's what Isiah does when he doesn't like an offer. (Insert "Isiah's never seen an offer he didn't like" joke here.)
So that's what's going on in our busy war room. Get those votes in and bring on the trade ideas. I'll update again when I see fit. Peace.