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Assorted Workout News

The Knicks have continued workouts over the last few days and, while most of the players weren't likely first round prospects, a few big names stopped by:

  • Today: Jared Jordan of Marist stopped by. 23 might be a bit early for Jordan, but sharp, savvy point guards tend to make it in this league no matter what. Look out for him.
  • Yesterday: Two legit possibilities- Daequan Cook and Marco Bellinelli- matched up. Apparently Cook is a friend and former teammate of Isiah's son. Might be meaningful.
  • Wisconsin's Alando Tucker and Colorado State's Jason Smith came by on Saturday
  • BC's Jared Dudley and UNC's Rayshawn Terry worked out last Friday.
That's all for now. Make sure you have your vote in for the SB Nation Mock Draft. We're already up to the 8th pick. Peace.