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Tuesday Coatis

Here's what's floating around the internets today...

  • The workouts keep coming. Marcus Williams of Arizona and Dominic McGuire from Fresno State stopped by on Friday. Yesterday was Javaris Crittenton's turn, and he'd be an interesting possibility if he did fall to the Knicks.
  • Meanwhile, all of our guesses and fantasies could be completely for shit. Isiah maintains that he might take a sleeper with the 23rd pick. The name Wilson Chandler is thrown around in that article.
  • Another interesting bit from Isiah in that last article:
    "I don't see anyone in this draft," he said, "when I talk about shooter, talking about the Allan Houston kind of shooter, I don't see anyone who can shoot the ball like that."
    Really? Is Isiah that low on someone like Almond or Belinelli? Hasn't Almond been explicitly compared to Houston? I think this is a bluff.
  • Notice: If the Knicks draft Wilson Chandler, I will refer to him as Chandra Wilson. And you can't stop me.
  • Kobe. Kobe Kobe. Kobe? Kobe! If you wanna ride the rumors, just check out the left sidebar. I'm sick of him already.
  • The ESPN Deportes girl is hot!
  • The man behind Hooplah..Nation offered me Morris Almond for Randolph Morris straight up. I say we just breed them and then clone the hybrid. Randolph Morris Almond for everybody! (Leave your thoughts on that deal in the comments.)
  • Speaking of Nuts, I forgot to mention that I took him in the "Great Blogger Mock Draft of 2007", which is different from the SB Nation one.
  • Knickerblogger's postseason grade of Jamal Crawford. It ain't pretty.
That's all for today. I'm gonna go watch Sportscenter again so I can see the ESPN Deportes girl. Peace.

UPDATE: Nate Jones of the Fanhouse makes the case for Chong Williams.