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Another reason to like Morris Almond

He pretty much wrote his own post for TrueHoop. Almond shares some of the struggles of the workout process:

"You get used to the drill quickly though. When you remember what's at stake, and how long you've persevered to reach this point in your life and career, it makes it all seem like a very small price to pay. Personally, after my recent college graduation, this will be the next big milestone in my life. Things will all start to fall into place as the seconds, minutes, hours, and days creep slowly towards the 28th. It'll feel good to finally have an answer to the question I get asked all the time in the airports and hotels: "Which team do you play for?" Get back at me in about a week for that one."

Sounds like a likeable guy, and an articulate one too (which makes sense I guess, since Rice is a very good school). I gotta admit I'm pulling to see Mo'Nuts in orange and blue come June 28th. Unless Sean Williams writes an entry for TrueHoop. Or Posting and Toasting. That'd be cool.