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"The Beginning of the End"?

I'd just like to pass along this article by Martin Johnson of the NY Sun. Mass quotage:

"Thomas has weathered the fallout that followed last December's brawl during the Knicks-Nuggets game at Madison Square Garden, he's muddled through calling the fans names, and he's survived a sexual harassment lawsuit. Tack that onto a job performance that has included one of the worst seasons in franchise history and salary cap mismanagement that borders on scandalous, and it should be clear that bullets won't kill this regime. It will have to die of natural causes."

Those causes are approaching faster than anyone realizes. By this time next year the Thomas administration will have had four-and-ahalf seasons in office, and it's entirely likely that a 42-40 record and a quick and dirty playoff dismissal by their cross river rivals will be all the team has to show for it. Thomas could be a darling of the press and that track record wouldn't save him; and of course, Thomas is instead a lightning rod for everything that is wrong with the Knicks. I'm assuming that the Knicks will improve slightly again but not enough to be a contender, even in the Eastern Conference. After next season, Thomas will almost certainly realize that he has reached a point of diminishing returns in this position and jump ship to another hoops job where he can start over."

Hmm. Click the link and read the whole article and let us know your impressions in the comments. Do you think Isiah's skipping town soon? And if he did...who, realistically, would you want to replace him?