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Tuesday Polecats

What's up. I know posting's been spotty, and I can't say it's gonna get any better. I've moved from school to work and I gots no time these days. I'll still try to get some sort of anything up daily, though. Anyway, here's what's floating around the internets today:

  • Kelly Dwyer ranked the NBA GM's from 1 to 30. Take a guess where Isiah falls. I'll give you a hint. It's not 1...iIt's not's not 3...and it's not 4-24.
  • Found in The Links from a few days ago: John Lucas on Sean Williams:
    "Sean doesn't have any real-life issues. There are other guys I've had here who have had real-life issues. He doesn't. His issue is, he just wants to smoke some weed sometime -- and you can't."
    Somewhere, Cliff Robinson is saying "amen".
  • Knickerblogger gives his grade for the 06-07 season of Eddy Curry, and it's pretty controversial. Join in the discussion.
  • The SB Nation podcast is tonight. Pradamaster from Bullets Forever will be on, as will The Big Lead. Link is in the right sidebar. 9 p.m. EST. Be there.
  • A rather gloomy article by Howard Beck at the NY Times.
  • Mike Dougherty gives you some familiar faces who were drafted 23rd. That is...if you consider Sergei Monia a familiar face.
  • I took Marco Belinelli in the mock draft. It's kind of a bonehead pick, but whatever. I've done so many mock drafts at this point that I might take Lil' Romeo in the next one.
  • You know what? I might actually do that. I wanna set up a mock draft where you can select anyone on Earth who is of age and has never played in the NBA. Who would go first? I think I'd take Barnesgasm. He's got upside.
  • Speaking of mock drafts, SML has (part of) one up on his blog. Also, I think I'm gonna be doing some guest posting in his absence in the upcoming days. Look out.
That's all for today...ladies. 2 days 'til draft day!