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I don't have ESPN Insider, but luckily my SB Nation comrades at Golden State of Mind do. Apparently Chad Ford is pitching the following rumor:

"The Knicks are trying to move up higher in the first round -- presumably to get their hands on Boston College's Sean Williams. According to sources, they've spoken with the Warriors about a deal that would net them the No. 18 pick if they'd be willing to take back Adonal Foyle's ridiculous contract. The Knicks could put a package together that included Jared Jeffries and Mardy Collins."

Hmm. What do we think of this, children? I imagine that the 18th pick would be used on a point guard, since shipping Mardy Collins out of town would leave us with only Stephon Marbury, Nate Robinson on a good day, and Steve Francis' corpse. At least one decent point guard (Law, Crittenton, etc.) could fall that far. That said, I don't really see the point. I have more faith in Young MC than most of the guys who'd fall to 18, and if bad contracts are albatrosses, then Adonal Foyle's is like an ostrich or some shit.

Anyway, rumors are rumors, but it's fun to play pretend. Any thoughts?