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Just a Thought...

I'm reading Bill Simmons' latest chat transcript, and seeing things like this:

Brian (Danbury, CT): Seriously...there's no way the C's can give up Jefferson. Not even for KG, let alone O'Neal.

 Bill Simmons: I agree. There's no reason to trade him. None. Either use Ratliff and the No. 5 (and either some other stuff) to get a 3rd big gun, or trade Pierce and go in the other direction. My head hurts. I'm so bummed out by this. I don't trust the people running this team at all - every NBA connection I have has been telling me that the Celtics have been in full-scale panic mode since 8:00AM on May 23rd. They're an easy mark. Everyone knows they need to make a trade.

And this:

Rob (Baltimore): Glad to see you are still alive after hearing the Celtics considered giving up Jefferson and the #5 for Jermaine O'neil.

 Bill Simmons: I'm barely alive. The sad thing was - I had planned on writing a mailbag yesterday for today, but the KG rumors started and I was so distracted that i couldn't get anything done. I'm living in perpetual fear that the Celtics are going to do something even dumber than the Baker trade 5 years ago. It's terrible. I can't handle it. There's nothing worse than being helpless as your favorite team might do something that could kill the franchise for the next 6 years.

This baffled me. Al Jefferson? Is you serious? I've seen Al Jefferson before, and he's pretty solid...but C's fans wouldn't trade him for Kevin Garnett or Jermaine O'Neal? That's bananas!

Then I thought about it more, and realized that I wouldn't trade David Lee or Jamal Crawford for guys like that either...even though I know it'd be an upgrade. I guess that's just part of being a fanatic. Thought I'd share that.