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Draft Time '07!

It's NBA Christmas, kids, and the presents start opening at 7 p.m. Let's go over a few things quickly.

-I won't exactly be "live-blogging" the draft, but I will do some notes and put them up afterwards, much like a regular game.

-I'm participating in a live mock draft at TrueHoop. Basically, when the Knicks are on the clock, I make a selection. When they make their real-life pick, I write a quick reaction. Should be fun.

-Here's a quick last-minute look around the mocks to see who the Knicks might be taking:

That's just a sample of the scores of mock drafts out there. With Isiah Thomas making the pick, it's anyone's guess. I'd put money on the selection being someone never mentioned in connection to the Knicks.

Anyway, this is your official draft thread. Comment along the way, and I'll be here to do the same. Enjoy NBA Christmas!

UPDATE: Since I'm tragically uninformed and chronically indecisive, use this thread to name the guys you'd like to see picked at 23, for my use in the TrueHoop draft. Posting and Toasting needs you.